Saxboi Slick is a proud father, a United States Army Veteran, and local musician, known throughout his community for his work with the youth.  Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Saxboi Slick engineers his music using the latest in music technology, as well as performs live with his trusty saxophone.  There is no gig too big, or too small for Saxboi Slick, and he believes strongly in the power of music to support youth program initiatives, where they may be needed the most.




Saxboi Slick - Dad, Musician, Producer, Entertainer, U.S. Army Veteran

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New Jazz Dance Album From Saxboi Slick!Album from Saxboi Slick titled, 'Long Winded,' available online and in stores.

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Christmas Jam At Eight Street Baptist Church!

Christmas Jam Program, A, 901 S Jones Drive, North Little Rock, Arkansas

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